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Jul 15, 2024

Children coming from single-parent homes and being born out of wedlock are most prone to grow up and be a menace to society. What race is most guilty of this? 

Jul 8, 2024

We talk about everything from sex, allowed infidelities, marriage, and relationships.   

Jun 17, 2024

Brian McKnight wants nothing to do with his kids because they are products of sin. When does a parent stop being a parent? As I said in previous episodes, paying a child support check does not make a father. Taking this approach with your offspring will likely cause them to be estranged when they become adults. Thus,...

Jun 12, 2024

Society is getting worse every day. Simply put, women allow sorry and pathetic men to spread their seed inside of them. The outcome is little bastards growing up to be menaces to society. 

Jun 4, 2024

This episode is a genuine interview with the brothel owner, Madam Bella. If brothels were legal and accepted, would society be a better place to live in?