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Dec 26, 2022

The first year I decided to share my list of the greatest Christmas movies. If your favorite is not on the list, send me an email or tweet. Next year, the list will grow!

Dec 19, 2022

The world seems to be a little less crazy during the Christmas season. The world is more helpful, civil, and jolly! Nothing wrong with being happier! Even if it is one or two months out of the year.

Dec 5, 2022

Instead of being happy and thankful for what they have, many folks constantly complain about dumb shit. Having 30-year feuds with family members, hating parents, and being an asshole in society. It all can be over in a matter of minutes.

Dec 4, 2022

So many children grow up wishing they had a mommy or a daddy. Too many children grow up in this harsh reality. How better would society be if every kid had a mommy and daddy?  

Nov 21, 2022

Does good looks, nice physique, a 6-figure income, big titties, a big dick, big hands and pretty eyes really make a good catch?