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Mar 27, 2021

Mental health stability is something that everyone should take serious. If you need help, get it! Screw what society thinks.

Mar 20, 2021

In a relationship or marriage, the other person will mess up from time to time. Some mess ups will be big, some will be small. Can you truly forgive and forget?

Mar 12, 2021

Women make the big mistake of evaluating relationships too early. Instead of asking a man of their true intentions, all women really need to do is observe. Actions and behaviors speak much louder than words.  

Mar 5, 2021

Women are the ones, who are supposed to relate to their feelings, and their emotions on a higher level. When they love, it’s supposed to mean something. If that is really the case, why do so many wives resist showing their love by avoiding fu*king their husbands at all cost?