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Jul 30, 2016

Many people have lost their way when it comes to being a clean person. You would be surprised as to how many people lack the common sense to wash their ass on a daily basis.

Jul 23, 2016

So many women allow men to exploit and use them up, and be “milked” to the point of just giving their milk away.
Resulting in men being able to drink milk for free, without ever having to actually buy the cow!

Jul 16, 2016

The age old question of many women. Men do lie…
But do they do it for a greater good, or because they know that women will allow it?

Jul 9, 2016

For years, society has brainwashed many women into believing that their hair has to be long and running down to their ass to be considered beautiful. When will women wake-up and realize that long hair doesn’t make you beautiful?

Jul 2, 2016

Many societal problems of today stems from poor family structure. Is it possibly due to more and more men taking a submissive role in marriages, and basically submitting to their wives like little punks?